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Antalya Airport VIP Transfer

Antalya airport VIP transfer service has a very important place in Antalya, which is shown as a holiday paradise in the eyes of our country and the world. Because every year, millions of tourists enter the city and its surroundings through this terminal.

According to November 2021 data, the number of passengers using international lines in just one year has reached more than 17 million. These data also reveal the importance of Antalya transfer.

Antalya Airport VIP Transfer

Antalya airport is far from many holiday centers. Kas, Side, Kemer and Olympos can be given as examples. Although there are public transportation or taxi options to go to these regions, it does not constitute a good alternative for individuals. Because both travel times are prolonged and a comfortable process does not develop. However, thanks to the Antalya airport VIP transfer service, the time between the terminal and the destination is best for users.

Antalya Airport VİP transfer It is also a question of how the process works. When you choose our VIP Transfer Bul brand, it is useful to explain how the process progresses in a few articles…

  • When you make your reservation, our staff will complete their preparations before your flight lands. When you enter the platform, you will see your driver ready. In this way, you will not waste time in the first minutes of your holiday.
  • Our drivers will calculate the most ideal route for your destination hotel or another address. Points with heavy traffic are not preferred.
  • If you have not made your payment during the reservation, it is possible to make the payment in the vehicle with cash or credit card.
  • You can request refreshments during the trip. Thus, you can watch the unique nature of Antalya while sipping your coffee.
  • When you are satisfied with the driver, you can choose the same person for the return journey.

As the VIP Transfer Bul family, we have detailed your transfer process above. Of course, our services are not limited to this. Child seat, extra treats can be specified in addition to these. If you care about comfort in Antalya airport VIP transfer service and want to have a smooth transportation process, you can make a reservation by contacting us. It is worth noting that we have early reservation opportunities.

Antalya Airport VIP Transfer Prices

You have 3 options in front of you to go from Antalya airport to the hotel or to a different address. Public transportation, taxi and private transportation are these options. Public transportation and taxi are not a good choice, especially for users who come on vacation. Because you want to feel special in this short time when you will relieve the tiredness of the whole year. This is possible with VIP Transfer Find. So how much are Antalya airport VIP transfer prices in 2022? Here are the details…

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